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Opening Remarks Presented to the Surgeon General's Workshop on Health Promotion and Aging, Washington, DC

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  • Health Services For The Aged
  • Attitude To Health
  • Health Care Costs


SURGEON GENERAL’S WORKSHOP Health Promotion and Aging Proceedings Edited by: DEP SG Faye G. Abdelk& SR PHARM Steven R. M- Note: AU opinions contained in these contents represent the vkwpoint solely of tbe authors and participants and do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of tbe Office of the Surgeon General, tbe Public Health Service and its constituent Agencies, or the Editors. 7 for this Workshop are Administration on Aging. Health Resources and Services dmtnismw Food and Drq Admioistntion, National h~~timte on &iog. the Off3ce of Minority Health, Ollkx of Diseae Ptwentioo and Health Promotion, Cents for Di Control. National bt.stitutc of Mental Health, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the Brookdale Foundation, and the Henty J. K&et Family Foundation. Support for the printing of this publication is provided by the Henry J. Kaisr Family Foundation of Menlo F’xk. California, PREFACE As with any effort that seeks to take a somewhat disparate body of knowledge and attempt to create uniformity and concensus, the final .product may not be exactly what was expected. In this instance of trying to assimilate all of the scientific knowledge and experience about health promotion activities in aging populations into a coherent body or recom- mendations and policy options, the product is more than expected! In addi- tion to the insight that the 180 invited guests for this Surgeon General’s Workshop on Health Promotion and Aging were able to provide individu- ally, the cohesive and often synergistic results of their deliberations have given the Public Health Service and the much larger aging audience a view of what is possible. Instead of individual agendas, the larger picture has been shaped before us and the vision is clear. That vision is the ability to provide research, support and services that will allow the years in later life to remain as full and fruitful as those in the earlier years. Although the prospect of d

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