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Characteristics of an inulinase produced by Bacillus subtilis 430A, a strain isolated from the rhizosphere of Vernonia herbacea (Vell Rusby).

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Bacillus subtilis 430A, isolated from the Vernonia herbacea (Vell Rusby) rhizosphere, produced an exocellular inulinase that fits the requirements for the production of syrups on an industrial scale. The partially purified enzyme, obtained by acetone precipitation, displayed a higher specificity for inulin (Km, 8 mM) than for sucrose (56 mM) and a total invertase/total inulase ratio of 0.62. In addition, it is stable at an optimal temperature of 45 to 50 degrees C for at least 7 h and is inhibited by the end product, fructose, at 14 mM.

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