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Engineering and Science, Volume 18:1, October 1954

California Institute of Technology
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ENGINEERING [ A N D , [SCIENCE Â ¥ \ 'I' ' , , ' 8 '^ .- I*: Fr I.. an ell \mi dot reprcscuts a ci ty o r town where a t c a s t one of tlie 116 General Motors plants is located. These 1 16 plants-reprcsentiii&Ws 35 manufac- turing divisions-provide a wide raiigc of places in which yon, as a young graduate engineer, might he working. Eacli of these widely scattered plants oflerb die secu- rity and prestige of the CM name. O n top o l tliat, each division lias available to it the "vast rcscarch farilitics for wliicli GM is famous. In addition, we offcr the scope of a n organizat ion winch produces not only inotorctits ;ni(l their acccs- ivories, h u ~ also jct engiiirs, ref rigerators, cicclroi~ic (:i luipin~~il, D i c ~ d engin(>+-just to iicitne a few. \\\d mo'-t importiint is G W s deep-seated rcspwt for engineering and engiinceib- tliu recognition of OCTOBER, 195 Croesus' cavalry stampeding at the sight of Persian camels he recent great strides in military science, pure science, com- Ask your placement officer for a copy of merce, and industry have resulted from modern man's ability to "Opportunities Unlimited- The Engineer determine the facts and act accordingly in IBM Laboratories." Tremendous advances have been made in the past few years in fact-finding machines. Through electronics, great masses of data that would have taken a lifetime to process can now be handled in a few days. Ordinar olumes of work can be done in minutes. y making "mathematical models" of specific processes, products, or situations, man today can predetermine probable re- sults, minimize risks and costs. Leading manufacturers of electronic digital computers, electronic and electrical business machines, lime systems and electric fy[1c1i~riters. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES, 590 Madison Ave., N. Y. 22. N. Y. EERING AND SCIENCE c h t ~ i ' s - - p;.~?ing close attention to the ~ o r d - i pr in ted in tlic

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