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원격 초등 영어 교사 연수 프로그램을 위한 교수 개발 연구

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  • Teacher Education
  • Curriculum
  • 교사교육
  • 교육과정
  • Design
  • Education


The advent of the digital information era has caused many changes in the media and environments of education. Compared with traditional learning, on-line learning is considered to have advantages in many respects including flexibility in learning and teaching time, and reusable course contents. However, not enough time and human resource have been invested to produce effective course contents. This study investigated the current situation of the web-based training courses for primary school English teachers with regard to 1) the development of course contents and the instruction design of the courses, and 2)the on-line activities. For this purpose, the study examined the case of a 10-week web-based teacher training course, focusing on the process of developing course materials and on the management of the course. The survey was also conducted to identify effective tasks and student-centered activities according to respondents' opinion. The results of the study indicated that it is necessary to develop course contents relevant to in-service teachers' needs and web-based instruction.

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