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An Efficient System for Real Time Fatigue Detection

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
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  • Computer Science


This Paper presents an efficient system for real time fatigue detection. Computer vision and image processing techniques have been used to measure eyes closer count, blinking rate of eye and user yawning as the parameters to conclude user fatigue. Since proposed system is not specific to any particular domain, it can be used in many applications where user attentiveness is a critical factor. First face is detected using Viola Jones algorithm, then abnormality in behavior of eyes and mouth is analyzed to judge fatigue. By monitoring the behavior of eyes and mouth, it is believed that the symptoms of user fatigue can be detected early enough to avoid accidents. General Terms:Computer Vision, Viola Jones algorithm, Face Detection, Sobel filters. Keywords: Fatigue detection, eye blinking rate, eye blinking count, Yawning, edge density, threshold value.

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