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Graphs and notes on the economic situation in the Community = Graphiques et notes rapides sur la conjoncture dans la Communaute No. 9, September 1963

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.· EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY COMMISSION GRAPHS AND NOTES ON THE ECONOMIC SITUATION IN THE COMMUNITY GRAPHIQUES ET NOTES RAPIDES SUR LA CONJONCTURE , DANS LA COMMUNAUTE 9 1963 . ~ 1/ r~ --rv--L GvJ~ f'1~ f 1) t/f- COMMUNAUTE (><:J ~ ECONOMIQUE EUROPEENNE COMMISSION SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBRE PUBLICATION MENSUELLE collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box GENERAL INFORMATIONS Germany (Fed. Rep.) Belgium France Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Community SOURCES COLOURS USED Statistical Office of the European Communities. National Statistical Offices, Ministries and Institutes of Economic Research . The data selected for publication may be changed in the light of the work being done by the Statistical Office of the European Communities. FREQUENCY OF TABLES The various tables will be published as follows: The graphs of group A are monthly and will appear in every issue . The other graphs are variable and wi II appear as follows: January, April, July, October B 1 Exports B 2 Trade between member countries B 3 Bank rate and call money rates B 4 Short-term lending to business and private customers B 5 Gold and foreign exchange reserves February, May, August, November C 1 Imports C 2 Terms of Trade C 3 Wholesale prices C 4 Retai I sales C 5 Wages March, June, September, December D 1 Output in the metal products industries D 2 Dwellings authorized D 3 Tax revenue D 4 Share prices D 5 Long-term interest rates , , REMARQUES GENERALES COULEURS R. F. d'AIIemagne Belgique France ltalie Luxembourg Pays-Bas Communaute SOURCES Office stati stique des Communautes europeennes. Services nationaux de statistiques, Mini steres et services de conjoncture. Les donnees publiees sont susceptibles de modifica- tions en raison des travaux en cours a !'Office stati stique des Communautes. PERIODICITE Les graphiques du groupe A sont f

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