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주체의 흡혈귀 되기--브램 스토커의 <드라큘라>

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  • &Lt
  • 드라큘라&Gt
  • 주체성
  • 타자성
  • 여성성
  • 괴물
  • 변신
  • 흡혈귀
  • Design


This study has three purposes: to introduce the textual value of Dracula which hasn't been fully appreciated in Korea, to offer a new interpretative frame of the text, and to clarify the process of subject-construction in postmodern context by focusing on the otherness of metamorphosing vampire. While other studies have viewed Dracula as the modern other such as monster or woman, I paid attention to the otherness of Dracula/vampire who isn't included into fixed categories and crosses all borders metamorphosing freely. The two women character Lucy and Mina, who were transformed into vampires by Dracula, symbolize the dangerous other designated by the rational modernity and the contradictory subject suggesting the crack of modern values respectively. The son of Mina represents the birth of postmodern subject which is consisted of multiple flows of differences. Through the analyses of these three characters, this study is to investigate that the monstrosity/vampirism/otherness, which is suppressed by the modern subject, is actually the active force of constructing subjectivity.

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