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Letter from Ellis Englesberg to Joshua Lederberg

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PARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY i!.. ,., BERKELEY 4, CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITYOFCALIFORNIA Jammy 9, 1950 Dr. J. Lederberg Dept. of Genetics University of Wisconsin &lad&son 6, Wisconsin Dear Dr. Iiederberg, I am looking ibJ.gust , and spending you. Forward w ith great pleasure to meeting you this my expected postdoctoral fellowship working w ith Dr. Stanier mentioned that you had suggested that I apply for a U .S. Public Health Service Fellowship. i intend to do so, end also to apply For the BBerck Fellowship. In order to secure these fellowships, I w ill need your assistance in the following: 1. The Mational IZesEarch Council inform me that in addition to your letter, indicating their they require a letter from the University of Wisconsin, acceptance of me. Would it be possible for you to obtain such a letter for ne, and have it sent immediately to the Natural Sciences Fellowship Board, National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Ave., ijashington 25, D .C.? 2. k similar letter is required, amabove, addressed to the Merck Fellowship Board, address as above. 3. A letter from you is required, to be sent to the Merck Fellowship Board, stating that->you w ill act as my scientific advisor, and that adequate facilities are availhble for me. (Similar to the letters you have sent me.) 4. k letter from you is required, to ,be sent to the D ivision of Research Grants and Fellowships, Bethesda 14, Liarylancl., Xational Institutes of Health, stating that I have aade suitable arrangeDents w ith you in order to aarry ou rg research progrm, and that adequate facilities are available. I hope this w ill no% inconvenience you too xnxmh. P.S. Thank Variation. you very mxh for the reprint of your article on Bacterial

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