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Математическое моделирование процесса очистки запыленных газовых потоков в циклонном пылеуловителе

Publication Date
  • циклонний пиловловлювач
  • жалюзійний елемент
  • пиловловлювання
  • аеродинамічний опір
  • фракційна ефективність
  • УДК 621.928.93
  • циклонный пылеуловитель
  • жалюзийный элемент
  • пылеулавливание
  • аэродинамическое сопротивление
  • фракционная эффективность
  • Mathematical Model
  • Aerodynamic Drag
  • Dust Collection Efficiency
  • Criterion Equation
  • Design
  • Mathematics


The issues of developing a mathematical model for calculating the aerodynamic drag and collection efficiency of solid particles in the cyclone collector, which takes into account the geometry and the opening angle of the louver element of designed dust collector, are considered in the paper.Experimental studies of the cyclone collector are given and the adequacy of the developed mathematical model is verified. Experimental data processing has allowed to determine the dimensionless coefficients n, m, l, included in the equation for determining fractional dust collection efficiency in the developed dust collector.Theoretical calculation of aerodynamic drag is conducted and the technique, suitable for the cyclone collector is determined by comparing with experimental results. The discrepancy between the experimental and theoretical data is 13.9 %. Dust collection efficiency is theoretically calculated using the mathematical model. The discrepancy between the experimental and theoretical data is 1.06 %. Experimental data processing is conducted and criterion equation for calculating partial coefficients of cleaning is found.

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