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The effect of metal surface treatment on the shear bond strengths of base and noble metals bonded to enamel

Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Elsevier - Mosby
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DOI: 10.1016/s0022-3913(96)90544-2
  • Fixed Prosthodontics And Operative Dentistry
  • Chemistry


Abstract Adhesive resin luting agents provide a way for bonding metal surfaces to teeth through a combination of micromechanical retention to the rough metal surface and chemical adherence to metal oxides. The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of metal alloy surface treatments that would produce different textures and oxide layers on the shear bond strength of three alloys luted to etched enamel with one adhesive resin luting agent (Panavia). After a simulated porcelain firing sequence, high noble (Olympia), noble (Jelstar), and base metal (Rexillium III) alloy specimens were subjected to one of the following treatments: (1) sandblasting and simulated glazing, (2) simulated glazing only, (3) simulated glazing and sandblasting, or (4) simulated glazing, sandblasting, and tin plating. The specimens were bonded to extracted teeth and subjected to shear testing after water storage for 2 weeks, thermocycling for 500 cycles, and water storage for an additional 2 weeks. Data were analyzed with a two-way analysis of variance (α = 0.05). The base metal specimens and the tin-plated high noble and noble metal specimen groups exhibited similar mean shear bond strengths that were greater than the other groups. Those high noble and noble metal alloys sandblasted after simulated porcelain firing cycles and before the simulated glaze cycle exhibited nonsignificant increases in shear bond strengths compared with the groups that were either sandblasted after the simulated glaze cycle or not sandblasted at all.

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