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Employees and building of the Oakesdale branch of the Seattle-First National Bank

Washington State Library
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This photo collection features the new bank building that was built on Second Street and Steptoe Avenue in Oakesdale, Washington in the early 1950's. The former bank building on First Street and Steptoe Avenue was sold and used as a restaurant for many years before being torn down in the late 1970's. These photos were complied by Kathleen D. Camp in 1994 and donated to Seattle-First National Bank. Other persons employed at the Oakesdale Branch were H. J. Riggs, Belva Miner, Evelyn Stanley, Beverly Reed, Grace Walker, Betty Littel, Beverly Greer, Jean Forsyth, Jackie Rogers and Rowena Wendover. Note : some individuals appear in more than one photo so names will be listed once as a subject since each photo is clearly identified.

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