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The character of Limb bones of skeletal remains of the Earliest stage of Jomon period from the Ishiyama shell mound in Shiga prefecture

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Journal of Geosciences, Osaka City University Vol. 46, Art. 7, p. 115-125, March, 2003 The Character of Limb Bones of Skeletal Remains of the Earliest Stage of Jomon Period from the Ishiyama Shell Mound in Shiga Prefecture Yuka YOSHIMURA Abstract Human bones, especially limb bones, have indicated human actIvItIeS. In this paper, the author takes notice of the relation between the limb bones and the paleoenvironment around the Jomon sites. For this purpose, description and measurements of the limb bones excavated from the Ishiyama shell mound are carried out. Five human skeletal remains are described. And then, to describe the char- acter of skeletons clearly, limb bones have been analyzed mainly. No.1 individual excavated from the Ishiyama shell mound is an adult female, NO.2 and No.3 indi- viduals are adult males, No.4 individual is adult and No.5 individual is a juvenile. Concerning the No.4 and No.5 individuals, it is impossible to classify them into male or female. According to the compar- ison with the existing data of limb bones (Ogata, 1981), both No.2 and No.3 individuals have flatter tibiae. For the purpose of comparison to a close site, the author discuses about same bones excavated from the Isoyamajo earliest Jomon site, which is located by the Lake Biwa. The tibiae from these two ruins are similar, being flatter. Concerning the topographical features, both of them are located near a slope. The shape of the tibiae is also similar. A peculiarity of the limb bones excavated from these two sites indicates the possibility that paleoenvironment reflects the morphology of bones through activ- ities. Key - words: Ishiyama shell mound, Earliest stage of Jomon period, Limb bones, Paleoenvironment Introduction The Ishiyama shell mound is located in Otsu-shi, Gihenn -tyou, Shiga prefecture (Fig. 1). After World War II, the archaeological club of Heiann Gakuenn excaxated the mound and the description of the skull has been published by K.Tuboi(K.Tuboi et aI., 1956). Subsequently

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