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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Maxwell Gordon

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May 29, 1964 Dr. Maxare Gordon Smith Kline & French Laboratories 1500 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, Pennsyivania Dear Dr. Gordon: Thank 9uu very wch for 9our rffort la providing the drug coneumption lnfomation that T had asked you about. I have reached the concluslion that you Indiaate, aamely, that there is not enough month to month variation in the rate of consumption of there drug6 to make it possible to reach any useful concluatons b9 comparing this seasonal cycle with that of disease incidence s. I certainly respect: gour concern about the confidential basfs of these data, and since I have no further use for them at the present time I am returning the original graph, to 90~. It was a pleasure to talk to you, and, again, let me thank you for your trouble in having dug this out. Sincerely yours, Joshua Lederberg Professor of C&net its &closure: Graphs

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