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Optional Participial Agreement with direct Object Clitics in Catalan

Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics
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CatWPL 511, 1996 127-145 Optional Participial Agreement with Direct Object Clitics in Catalan* Isabel Muxi University of Durham. Department of Linguistics. Durham e-mail: [email protected] Received: May 25th 1995 Accepted: November 1st 1995 Abstract This paper examines an optional phenomenon in a Catalan dialect, Barcelonian Catalan, that seems to be quite peculiar amongst the Romance languages. This phenomenon involves optional participial agreement with third person direct object clitics. In other Romance languages, this agreement is either compulsory (Italian, French ...) or impos- , sible (Spanish, Portuguese.. .). I show that the optionality observed in Barcelonian Catalan cannot be adequately explained by analyses proposed in the literature regar- ding clitic raising. The analysis here proposed provides evidence for clitic raising as an example of XP movement, at least as far as AgrOP. There seems to be a link between overt participial agreement, A-movement of the DP clitic and alternation of auxiliaries. This link accounts for compulsory versus impossible participial agree- ment observed in most Romance languages as well as the optionality present in Barcelonian Catalan. Key words: participial agreement, clitics, optionality. Resum. Acord opcional del participi amb clítics d'objecte directe en catala Aquest article examina un fenomen opcional en un dialecte catali, el catali barceloni, que sembla ser f o r ~ a peculiar entre les llengües romiiniques. Es tracta de l'acord opcional del participi amb els clitics d'objecte directe de tercera persona. En altres llen- gües romhniques, aquest acord és o bé obligatori (italii, francbs.. .), o bé impossible (castell&, portugub.. .). Es demostrara que algunes an&lisis proposades en la literatura sobre clitics no poden explicar l'opcionalitat del catala barceloni. L'anhlisi que es proposar& aquí dóna suport a la proposta que els clitics són un exemple de moviment d'SX com a mínim fins a SConcO. Es veuri

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