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Les études de marchés aux Etats-Unis

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Marketing research is still young science in the United States. The author définies it as the critical examination and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and materials in order to seek for or to develop basic principles pertaining to the whole field of marketing i.e to the processes and fonctions by which goods and services move form points of production to points of intermediate and ultimate use Marketing research being one of the behavioral sciences its methods are those of the behavioral disciplines It uses especially the following types of scientific methods analogy case method statistical method formal or informal experimental method econometrics historical method contempo raneous analysis and geographical method Some of the most important amongst the questions treated by marketing research are those of product design branding and advertising standardi sation and simplification patent rights distribution storage prices orga nisation of the iirm competition Marketing research is conducted either by internal agencies i.e research departements attached to individual firms or by external agencies which may be marketing research companies chambers of commerce magazines radio stations or governmental federal state or local agencies or pro fessional societies or scientific institutes

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