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Gynecologic Oncology
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DOI: 10.1006/gyno.2002.6613
  • Biology


Abstract The Effect of Raloxifene on the Incidence of Ovarian Cancer in Postmenopausal Women Patrick Neven, Steven R. Goldstein, Angelina V. Ciaccia, Lifen Zhou, Sheryl L. Silfen, and David Muram Worry about Ovarian Cancer Risk and Use of Ovarian Cancer Screening by Women at Risk for Ovarian Cancer M. R. Andersen, S. Peacock, J. Nelson, S. Wilson, M. McIntosh, C. Drescher, and N. Urban Phase II Trial of Topotecan and Cisplatin in Persistent or Recurrent Squamous and Nonsquamous Carcinomas of the Cervix J. Fiorica, R. Holloway, B. Ndubisi, J. Orr, E. Grendys, R. Boothby, S. DeCesare, J. LaPolla, M. Hoffman, and J. Patel Effects of a Lytic Peptide Conjugated to β hCG on Ovarian Cancer: Studies in Vitro and in Vivo Barbara Gawronska, Carola Leuschner, Frederick M. Enright, and William Hansel Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Effects of Iron Chelators on Human Cervical Carcinoma Cells Thierry Simonart, Johan R. Boelaert, Roger Mosselmans, Graciela Andrei, Jean-Christophe Noel, Erik De Clercq, and Robert Snoeck Combination Antigene Therapy Targeting c-myc and c-erbB 2 in the Ovarian Cancer COC 1 Cell Line Ruan Fei and Liu Shaoyang Anti-invasive Effect of MMI-166, a New Selective Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor, in Cervical Carcinoma Cell Lines Masahiro Iwasaki, Akira Nishikawa, Takashi Fujimoto, Noriyuki Akutagawa, Kengo Manase, Toshiaki Endo, Koichi Yoshida, Ryuji Maekawa, Takayuki Yoshioka, and Ryuichi Kudo Serum, Pleural Effusion, and Ascites CA-125 Levels in Ovarian Cancer and Nonovarian Benign and Malignant Diseases: A Comparative Study Omer Topalak, Ugur Saygili, Mujde Soyturk, Nurtac Karaca, Yucel Batur, Turhan Uslu, and Oktay Erten Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia Treated with Cavitational Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration Brigitte E. Miller Disease Persistence in Patients with Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Undergoing Electrosurgical Conization Silvano Costa, Maria De Nuzzo, Fanny E. Infante, Benedetta Bonavita, Marica Marinelli, Anna Rubino, Valeria Rambelli, Donatella Santini, Paolo Cristiani, and Lauro Bucchi Detection of Female Lower Genital Tract Dysplasia Using Orally Administered 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Induced Protoporphyrin IX: A Preliminary Study Linda R. Duska, Joanne Wimberly, Thomas F. Deutsch, Bernhard Ortel, Jacqueline Haas, Karen Houck, and Tayyaba Hasan Phase I Study of Alternating Doublets of Topotecan/Carboplatin and Paclitaxel/Carboplatin in Patients with Newly Diagnosed, Advanced Ovarian Cancer Alan N. Gordon, Kenneth C. Hancock, Carolyn M. Matthews, Mark Messing, C. A. Stringer, Mark G. Doherty, and Michael Teneriello Successful Laparoscopic Removal of a Solitary Adrenal Metastasis from Ovarian Carcinoma: A Case Report Shmueli Einat, Szold Amir, Marmore Sylvia, and Inbar Moshe Cutaneous Metastasis from Carcinoma of the Cervix at the Drain Site Nadereh Behtash, Fatemeh Gaemmaghami, Fariba Yarandi, Farid Azmodeh Ardalan, and Navid Khanafshar Port Site Metastasis of Ovarian Carcinoma Remote from Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign Disease Nicole L. Carlson, Thomas C. Krivak, William E. Winter, III, and Cynthia I. Macri Vulvar Basal Cell Carcinoma: Two Unusual Presentations and Review of the Literature Naciye Mulayim, David Foster Silver, Idris Tolgay Ocal, and Ebenezer Babalola

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