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Interference analysis in downlink OFDM considering imperfect inter-cell synchronization

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Table 1 The Input Impedance of the Dipoles of the Array Given in Fig. 3 for Several Values of their Length and d/h = 0.5 2, and 2 3 , ( Z , - Z 3 ) 2h/h Left and Rlght Dipole =2 Middle Dipole 16.7 - j626.7 73.3 + j128.6 394.5 + j837.3 365.2 + j1063.4 0.25 0.50 0.75 1 .o 17.1 - j521.6 87.3 -k j71.6 472.1 - j652.6 401.2 - j1538.7 d v.3 E$ 1977. [6] E. P. Ekelman and C. A. Thiele, “A hybrid technique for combining the moment method treatment of wire antennas with the CTD for curved surfaces,” IEEE Trans. Antennas fropagat., vol. AP-28, pp. [7] L. W. Henderson and C. A. Thiele, “Ahybrid MM-GTD technique for treatment of wire antennas near a curved surface,” Radio Sci., [8] R. F. Harrington, Field Computation By Moment Method. London, 831 -839,1980. VOI. 16, pp. 1125-1130,1981. .52A England: Macmillan, 1968, ch. IO, pp. 189-202. += 2 1 2 h : d i i slk D=3A A Handbook Formula for the Inductance of a Single-Layer Circular Coil -rith.ut- RICHARD LUNDIN s- with c y h d ~ 0 20 L - - 0 .2 .4 .I .. 1. 2Yii Fig. 3. Maximum gain of a three A/2 dipole array near an elliptic cylinder as a function of the dipoles length and mutual distance. Ill. CONCLUSION The maximum gain of arrays of wire antenna near an elliptic cylinder was presented. The hybrid MM-CTD technique was used. Three-dipole arrays were considered in the presence of the elliptic cylinder. The whole procedure has shown that an array in free space has different feed voltages and less optimum gain than an array in the presence of the elliptic cylinder. It was also shown that a good selection of the length of the dipoles depends on the gain require- ment, the sidelobe level, and the impedance of the dipoles. REFERENCES J. H. Richmond, “Computer program for thin-wire structures in a Contrador Rep. CR-2399,1973. homogeneous conducting medium,” NTIS, Springfield VA, NASA

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