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EIB Environmental report 2003

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Environmental Report 2003 Environmental Report 2003 Contents President’s Foreword 2 Executive Summary 3 1. Policy Context and Objectives 6 2. Organisation 10 3. Working with Others 11 4. Internal Procedures 13 5. Environmental Lending 2003 16 6. Regional Issues 26 7. Housekeeping 28 Annexes 1. EIB Environmental Assessment 30 2. EIB Lending Data 31 3. Environmental Loans 2003 32 EU Member States Acceding Countries, (New Member States - 1 May 2004) where negotiations for EU Membership have been concluded. Accession Countries, where negotiations for joining the EU are in progress. Candidate Countries, where an application for accession has been approved by a European Council Decision. Partner Countries, where a country forming part of a group has signed a cooperation agreement with the European Union, ie ACP, ALA, Mediterranean and Western Balkans. Areas of EIB Lending (2003) 1Env i ronmenta l Repor t 2003 EIB - 2003 2 Env i ronmenta l Repor t 2003 It gives me great pleasure to present the second Environmental Report of the European Investment Bank (EIB), prepared by its Environment Unit. The Environmental Report 2003 bears testimony to the importance the EIB attaches to the protection and improvement of the natural and built environment and the quality of life throughout its regions of activity. As a public body driven by the policy objectives of the European Community, the environmental policies and practices of the Bank aim to support the overriding goal of sustainable development. The Report provides an account of the main features and recent changes in the environmental policies, practices, organisation and staffing of the EIB. It also importantly describes another year of significant environmental lending. 2003 has been a challenging year for the EIB from an environmental point of view. We are continuing to improve the organisation of environmental activities within the Bank. T

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