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The Relation of Lean Body Weight to Metabolism and Some Consequent Systematizations

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BOOK REVIEWS themselves and with industry is worthy of consideration. Compulsion by meticulous enforcement of legislation may lead to reticence on the part of certain managements to provide welfare measures. This may also lead in certain instances to failure to cooperate with official agencies. An important approach is to stimulate the concept of promotion of industrial welfare and health, irrespective of legislation, by officially sanctioned incentives or re- wards (such as insurance merit-rating, tax reduction, etc.) to those indus- trial establishments which provide welfare measures beyond the minimum prescribed standards." In conclusion this report, though it scarcely reads like a novel, being full of "administrative" language, carries a message of encouragement to those who believe that occupational health services have the greatest available untapped opportunities for improvement of health of people everywhere. J. WISTER MEIGS ZUR GESCHICHTE DES MEDIZINISCHEN LEHRPLANS UND UNTERRICHTS DER UNIVERSITAT FREIBURG I. BR. By E. Th. Nauck. Freiburg im Breis- gau, Kommissionsverlag Eberhard Albert Universititsbuchhandlung, 1952. 128 pp. DM 4.20. This account of the history and development of medical education at the University of Freiburg opens with the reminder that until the beginning of the eighteenth century German medical teaching was largely based on classical works. Hippocrates, Galen, and the Arabic writers were still the chief authorities. Eighteenth century reforms began the release of medical science; it has since come a long way. The content and techniques of medi- cal education have also progressed; the stages of their growth at Freiburg are carefully detailed in this History. Appended are summaries of the medi- cal curriculum as it was described in the fifteenth century and later, a list of the medical faculty in 1460-1669 and cf medical graduates in 1500-1599, an account of the introduction of the microscope as a teaching aid and of the development of histology, a plan for the r

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