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This research based on relatively high number of unsuccessfulness in national test of Junior High School in Malang. This happens as result of inappropriate grade of mathematics subject as requirement of test passing. The lack of students’ grade on mathematics result from the lack of students’ interest on learning mathematics. For most of students, Mathematics is considered to be ghost, refer to stressful subject, caused dizzy thought, is one of complicated and hard to learn subject for it is just doing with calculation. There are some ways in educational world in order to help the students improve their mathematics performance. Besides in developing curriculum, learning innovation and requiring infrastructure, there is conducting Brain Gym. Doing Brain Gym will ease activity and recovery students’ learning concentration, strengthen learning motivation, improve self-confident and help students to control stress. The purpose of students in doing Brain Gym is to optimal their learning ability that they are able to cope with learning obstacles (by reading, writing, calculating and thinking in general) and improve their behavior and achievement. This study referred to experimental research, using research object of students in VII E and VII G in SMP Negeri 3 Batu in years of 2009/2010 collected on 02-12 February 2009. In this study, the students conducted Brain Gym. Those students referred to VII E class as experimental group. The Brain Gym was conducted before the class began. The researcher and the experimental group have conducted Brain Gym for 5 times meeting covered 4 times meeting before learning and once before post-test. The research data involved report grade (documentation) and the students’ test result. The data analysis used t-test statistical analysis of one part using SPSS program version 13.0 for Windows. In line with data analysis, it proved that giving Brain Gym able to influence students’ achievement in learning mathematics. It showed in students’ average post-test grades where the average post-test grade from experimental group showed 80.53 with standard deviation 13.927, while the control group showed 72 with standard deviation 14.397. It meant that application of Brain Gym proved to develop the students’ learning result. The result of hypothesis test showed that ttest is higher that than t�� that alternative hypothesis is accepted; in other words, there is positive effect in applying Brain Gym toward learning achievement on mathematics.

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