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Envelope Amplifier for RF Amplifier based on Multilevel Converter

E.T.S.I. Industriales (UPM)
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  • Electrónica
  • Computer Science


Modern transmitters usually have to amplify and transmit signals with simultaneous envelope and phase modulation. Due to this property of the transmitted signal, linear power amplifiers (class A, B or AB) are usually used as a solution for the power amplifier stage. These amplifiers have high linearity, but suffer from low efficiency when the transmitted signal has low peakto-average power ratio. The Kahn envelope elimination and restoration (EER) technique is used to enhance efficiency of RF transmitters, by combining highly efficient, nonlinear RF amplifier (class D or E) with a highly efficient envelope amplifier in order to obtain linear and highly efficient RF amplifierThis paper presents a solution for the envelope amplifier based on a combination of multilevel converter and linear regulator. The proposed solution can reproduce any signal with maximal spectral component of 2 MHz and give instantaneous maximal power of 50 W. The efficiency measurements show that when the signals with low average value are transmitted, it has up to 15% higher efficiency than linear regulator that is used as a conventional solution. Additionally, the algorithm for selection of voltage levels for the multilevel converter is explained, as well

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