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Etiska och traditionella fonder på den svenska marknaden, en jämförande studie

Lunds universitet/Nationalekonomiska institutionen
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  • Economic Theory
  • Economic Systems
  • Econometrics
  • Economics
  • Generalized Jensen’S Alpha
  • Excess Return
  • Information Ratio
  • Ethical Funds
  • Multifactor Model
  • Economic Policy
  • Nationalekonomi
  • Ekonometri
  • Ekonomisk Teori
  • Ekonomiska System
  • Ekonomisk Politik
  • Business And Economics
  • Philosophy


The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate and compare ethical and traditional funds. There has been numerous attempts to investigate whether or not ethical investments are associated with a sacrifice in yield and we hope with this thesis to further the understanding of premiums in ethical investments on the Swedish market. In our paper we’re comparing different styles of funds through the use of a multifactor model. The index in our multifactor model consists of OMX Affärsvärldens Generalindex, S&P 1200 and Barclays Euro Aggregate Bond Index which were chosen to fit our different styles of funds. The time period we’ve chosen spans over 36 month, from 2006-10-30 to 2009-10-30. From the regression we derive excess of return and the information ratio, with which we can compare funds’ performance. From this thesis we can conclude that there is no significant difference between ethical and regular fund investments.

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