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Letter from Louis S. Baron to Joshua Lederberg

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WALTER REED ARMY INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER WASHINGTON 12. D. C. IN REPLY REFER TO: MEDEGZI 10 December 1956 Professor Joshua Lederberg Depatiant of Genetics College of Agriculture University of Wiaaonaiu Madison 6, Wisconsin Dear Joshua: It was very good to hear fran you again. All the available reprints whic#a you requested have been sent, and any others will be sent aa they arrive. It is possible that you did not have any, since reprints are kept in the Division office and mailed out in response to request cards. Doctor Landy is no longer here, being now located at the Department of Chemical Phamacology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. I am very interested in your protoplaat method and have been trying some iaamniaation atudiea with protoplaata of P. typhoaa Tg2. We have been unable to detect any reverting of these protoplaata to rods, however. I expect to spend about a month (Februaxy) at Cold Spring Harbor, courtesy of a President's Fellowship to finish off a few thinga. A friend who was stationed here in the Amy is now on a poat- doctorate at University of Wisconsin in the Organic Chemistry Department. He waa particularly anxious to meet you and Harlyn Halvoraon. His name ii Doctor Frank Rothman and he is a very pleasant person. I suspect that he will contact either you or Harlyn after he and his family get settled. Beat regards to Esther and Harlyn and Jean. sincerely yours, L. S. BABON, Ph.D. Chief, Department of Bacterial Iimunology Division of Bmunology

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