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Welfare Reform Act 2009

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Abstract Welfare Reform Act 2009 CHAPTER 24 CONTENTS PART 1 SOCIAL SECURITY “Work for your benefit” schemes etc. 1 Schemes for assisting persons to obtain employment: “work for your benefit” schemes etc. Revised system of working-age benefits 2 Work-related activity: income support claimants and partners of claimants 3 Lone parents 4 Entitlement to jobseeker’s allowance without seeking employment etc. 5 Couples where at least one member capable of work 6 Statutory sick pay and employment and support allowance 7 Transitional provision relating to sections 4 to 6 8 Parliamentary procedure: regulations imposing work-related activity requirements on lone parents of children under 7 Abolition of income support 9 Abolition of income support Work-related activity for claimants of employment and support allowance 10 Power to direct claimant to undertake specific work-related activity Jobseeker’s allowance and employment and support allowance: drugs 11 Claimants dependent on drugs etc. Welfare Reform Act 2009 (c. 24)ii Contributory jobseeker’s allowance and employment and support allowance 12 Conditions for contributory jobseeker’s allowance 13 Conditions for contributory employment and support allowance Disability living allowance 14 Mobility component Abolition of adult dependency increases 15 Maternity allowance and carer’s allowance External provider social loans and community care grants 16 External provider social loans 17 Power to restrict availability of social fund loans 18 Supply of information to or by lenders making external provider social loans 19 Community care grants relating to specified goods or services 20 Community care grants: reviews and information 21 Regulations relating to information: parliamentary control Payments on account 22 Payments on account Up-rating of benefits 23 Power to up-rate benefits following review in tax year 2009-10 Benefit sanctions for offenders 24 Loss of benefit provisions 25 Jobseeker’s allowance: sanctions for v

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