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Automation of orders in taxi service

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  • Computer And Information Science


Automation is rapidly growing in the last years. The advantages it brings are cost reduction, faster and better performance of tasks that would be otherwise done by humas. It began in the manufacturing industry and later expanded to other sectors. Today's technology allows the implementation of automation in a wide range of areas. The thesis deals with the implementation of a system that allows automated ordering of a taxi. The system consists of four components. They are two mobile applications used by taxi drivers and their customers. The two mobile applications are connected by a web application which runs on a server. In addition, the mobile application used by the taxi driver is connected to a circuit that is used to detect the presence of passengers in the vehicle. This is acchieved through pressure-sensitive resistors, which are installed in the vehicle seats. The first part of the thesis describes the technology and hardware used to implement the system. The second part describes the functioning of individual components and their development. The implemented solution is useful in today's taxi services where it would relieve the calling centers and also help preventing gray economy which in this case would be performing the service without logging the service performed.

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