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조선 민속학과 식민주의: 송석하의 문화민족주의를 중심으로

Publication Date
  • 문화민족주의
  • 식민주의
  • 송석하
  • 건전오락
  • 조선총독부
  • Linguistics


Cultural nationalist discourse and practice under the Japanese imperial rule remarkably increased in the context of the cunning 'Enlightened Administration' after the March First Movement. Needless to say, there was behind the scenes a scrupulous and elaborate maneuvering masterminded by the colonial power to train the so-called pro-Japanese intellectuals. It was an irony that cultural nationalists unwittingly or thoughtlessly fell into the planning and staging of colonisalisn and, as a result, thei resistance discourse and practice echoed or danced to the thne of the ruling ideology of assimliation

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