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The Institute of Economics and Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia
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z2.pdf CROATIAN ECONOMIC SURVEY 7 2000 - 2002 Editor's note Following the tri-annual edition of the Croatian Economic Survey for the period 1996 - 1999 issued in April 2002, here is a new tri-annual edition covering the period 2000 - 2002. Our intention is to catch up with the tradition of publishing annual editions of our journal as well as to bring the Croatian economic research which was conducted during the period involved to a broader international readership. We sincerely hope to be able to publish the Croatian Economic Survey annually from now on, as a periodical collection of selected research studies originally written in Croatian and published in the Economic Trends and Economic Policy journal (Privredna kretanja i ekonomska politika). The period between 2000 and 2002, during which the articles published in this issue were written, was characterized by a relative macroeconomic stability and economic recovery. By the beginning of that period, most of the earlier weaknesses such as high inflation, substantial fiscal deficit and banking crises had been long overcome although there were still many problems lurking about to jeopardize economic stability and growth, namely high unemployment and the deficit in merchandize trade. Those changing circumstances on the home front have shifted the focus of economic research from diagnosing the sources of the imbalance and the ways of their removal to the issue of maintaining the attained level of macroeconomic balance and stability. Many researchers have steered away from developing measure recommendations and policy-making guidelines, designing and implementing reform programs and economic-institution building towards monitoring the effects of economic policy measures and conducting positive analyses concerned with the functioning of institutions. Moreover, their success in tackling some major economic problems has left enough room for economic experts to address the issues beyond 'm

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