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An Approach to Computer Modeling of Geological Faults in 3D and an Application

Journal of China University of Mining and Technology
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/s1006-1266(07)60048-0
  • 3D Geological Modeling
  • Geological Faults
  • Stratum
  • Fault Data
  • Visualization
  • Beijing Olympic Green District
  • Design
  • Earth Science


Abstract 3D geological modeling, one of the most important applications in geosciences of 3D GIS, forms the basis and is a prerequisite for-visualized representation and analysis of 3D geological data. Computer modeling of geological faults in 3D is currently a topical research area. Structural modeling techniques of complex geological entities containing reverse faults are discussed and a series of approaches are proposed. The geological concepts involved in computer modeling and visualization of geological fault in 3D are explained, the type of data of geological faults based on geological exploration is analyzed, and a normative database format for geological faults is designed. Two kinds of modeling approaches for faults are compared: a modeling technique of faults based on stratum recovery and a modeling technique of faults based on interpolation in subareas. A novel approach, called the Unified Modeling Technique for stratum and fault, is presented to solve the puzzling problems of reverse faults, syn-sedimentary faults and faults terminated within geological models. A case study of a fault model of bed rock in the Beijing Olympic Green District is presented in order to show the practical result of this method. The principle and the process of computer modeling of geological faults in 3D are discussed and a series of applied technical proposals established. It strengthens our profound comprehension of geological phenomena and the modeling approach, and establishes the basic techniques of 3D geological modeling for practical applications in the field of geosciences.

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