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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Joseph E. Smadel

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April 22, 1949 Dr. Joseph IL hadet Army N~dlcel Department Researoh and Ure&mte S&o01 Dept. Virus and Blckettslal Dlawser washlngtoa 12, D. (1. Dear Dr. Smadelt Dr. A. P, Iteaeureen arggeated that f urits’to you taoncarnfrg riristtrtlc aorldine derlvc-tlver. I have been interested is *dtrinieatlng* lyrtbgsaic bwteria of the baoterlophage which fe temciously aseociated with thear. ‘uie have had only very sporadic and unre;;roducible results with ultra- violet radiation, ft was thought that ve might have more sumesa with the help of conpoondr whiah would impede virus growth more thm that of the hoet. For this purpose Dr. 33mmuesen auggeeted t&e nltro- mridlne derlvutlvea which he had worked with on the influenaa vlrusest md referred me to yau for possible supply, If available for this purpow, f would gretitly arpprschte shqjles of 100 mg * 1 g. of Eltroakr$dln 3582, 2-xaitro-+s&macrldlm, :.tnd any other aoqmunds Nxat you think might be worth tasting;. Any additional suggestloas would ulso be qpreolated. Slnoerely your 8, Joshua Lederberg, Awistatat i3roferear of &metit?s

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