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Chapter IV Tectonics

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DOI: 10.1016/s0070-4571(08)70397-2
  • Earth Science


Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the pseudo-tectonic phenomena. The soft marlstones, the character of the limestones, the preservation of the fossils, and the very slight dip of the strata makes it clear that the Palaeozoic sediments of Gotland have never been submitted to strong tectonic influences. However, there are a number of localized phenomena that have been largely explained by means of tectonics. Most of these phenomena can be understood without the assumption of the occurrence of crustal movements: (1) dislocations; (2) threefold-like structures; (3) saucer-like depressions; and (4) bends found locally in the limestone layers, flexures, and the strong southeastward dip near Hau. The chapter describes tectonics along with the origin of slight dip of the strata. Variations in the strike and dip are largely found within some of the sequences of strata. The regular shift of the reef belt with time towards the southeast largely exhibits that the epeirogenetic uplift of the basin floor occurs in the area of Gotland. These movements are active over definite periods only and even alternated with periods of slight subsidence of that part of the Palaeozoic basin floor.

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