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Concept of Purusa (Akal Purukh) as God : in the Vedas and the Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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Microsoft Word - relkultur119.doc ________________________________________________________________________ Journal of Religious Culture Journal für Religionskultur Ed. by / Hrsg. von Edmund Weber in Association with / in Zusammenarbeit mit Matthias Benad Institute of Religious Peace Research / Institut für Wissenschaftliche Irenik Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main ISSN 1434-5935 - © E.Weber – E-mail: [email protected] - ________________________________________________________________________ No. 119 Concept of Purua (Akāl Purukh) as God in the Vedas and the Śri Guru Granth Sāhib By Roop Kishor Shastri• Paramātman is referred to by different names like Śiva, Viu, Brahman, Indra, Mitra, Varua, Bhaspati, Savitā, Agni and so on in the Vedic literature, particularly in the Vedic Samhitās. The wise speaks of the One by different names.1 Over a hundred words have been used in the Vedas for Him of which Purua is of the most frequent occurrence found in about eighty hymns. The Suktas too refer to Him by this name. With the excep- tion of a few uses where consideration of context would make it a synonym of man, eve- rywhere else it signifies the Great Entity. Of those hymns where that Entity referred to the Purua Sukta2 is the most well-known, being met with in all the Vedas with the ex- ception of the Sāmaveda. • Prof. Dr., Department of Vedas, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar (U.K.), India. 1 Indram mitram varuamagnimāhuratho divyah sa suparo garutmān. ekam sadvipra bahudhā vadantiyagnim yamam mātariśvānamāhuh. gveda 1.164.46 2 Sahasraśirā puruah sahasrākah sahasrapād. Sa bhūmim sarvatah sp‚tvātyati atdaśāngulam. Yajurveda 31.1 2 The post-Vedic literature as also all religions together with the sages, seers, preceptors, saints and great men owing allegiance to the Vedas have been theistic, the believers in

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