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Population hole burning on the4 f 7 ( 8S 7 2 ) → 4 f 6 5 d (Γ 8)zero-phonon transition in MBE films of CaF2:Eu2 +

Journal of Luminescence
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-2313(95)00099-2
  • Chapter 1. Holeburning


Abstract Spectral holes due to the redistribution of population among the ground state hyperfine levels have been detected on the 413 nm zero-phonon transition in CaF 2:Eu 2 + MBE films grown on Si(1 1 1), in magnetic fields in excess of 3 T. These are the first long-lived (up to minutes) population holes reported for a paramagnetic ion. The hole lifetime results from phonon-induced transitions among hyperfine levels of the Eu 2 + ground electron spin states. The central hole linewidth of 40 MHz is probably determined by the EuF superhyperfine interaction which leads to spectral diffusion due to F nuclear spin flips. The hole pattern contains a narrow central hole (40 MHz) and side holes and antiholes which result from the hyperfine splittings in the ground and excited states.

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