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Preliminary results in translational researches on conflict of interest : results legarding patients participating in translational researches on the influence of conflict of interest factors in their decision-making process

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  • Influence Of Conflict Of Interest
  • Translational Research
  • Translational Research Coordinator
  • Cancer
  • 利益相反
  • 探索型臨床研究
  • トランスレーショナルリサーチコーディネーター
  • がん
  • Philosophy


We analyzed preliminary results of the research stage for patients participating in Translational Research (TR) on the influence of Conflict of Interest (COI) factors in their decision-making. Analysis revealed the following tendencies: (1) patients participating in TR paid more heed to intrinsic COIs, which are ubiquitous to research and include an investigator's perceived need to engage in and publish research to achieve career advancement, to receive accolades from peers and professional societies, and to be competitive for grant funding, rather than financial COIs; (2) Information on COI has little effect on decision-making as a part of TR participation; (3) Desired methods of specifically describing COIs differ among participants; (4) Opinions on the relationship to the company also differed among participants; (5) The efforts of the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, along with the activities of Translational Research Coordinators, in dealing with COI problems have been recognized from perspective of compliance with ethics. 少数のがんTR参加者を対象として、利益相反の問題が、がんTR参加者の意思決定に及ぼす影響を検討するための予備的研究を行った。その結果、以下の傾向が示された。(1)TR参加者は金銭的利益よりも学術臨床的利益を気にしている。(2)利益相反の情報はTR参加における意思決定にはほとんど影響していない。(3)利益相反情報に関する具体的な記載方法は個人によって希望が異なる。(4)企業との関連については、見解が分かれる。(5)利益相反に対する東大医科研病院の取り組みは、トランスレーショナルリサーチ・コーディネーター(TRC)活動を含め、倫理遵守という観点から一定の評価を得ている。

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