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Report from the Commission on the application of the Community rules for state aid to the coal industry in 1995. COM (98) 186 final, 24 March 1998

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 24.03.1998 COM(1998) 186 final REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION on the Application of the Community Rules for State Aid to the Coal Industry in 1995 REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION on the Application of the Communitv Rules for State Aid to the Coal Industry in 1995 1. Introduction Article 10 of Commission Decision No 3632/93/ECSC of 28 December 19931 requires the Commission to report each. year to the Council, the European Parliament and the ECSC Consultative Committee on the application of the Coriununity rules for State aid to the coal industry~ This report examines the fmancial aid granted by France, Oermany, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom to their coal industries in 1995. All Member States intending to grant aid to coal undertakings in 1995 were obliged to present to the Commission by 30 September 1994 information on all the measures they· intended to take to support the coal industry directly or indireCtly in 1995. Such measures may be considered -compatible with the proper functioning of the common market provided they help to achieve at least one of the following objectives: / to make, in the light· of coal prices on international markets, further progress towards economic viability with the aim of achieving degression of aids; . to solv~ the social and regional proble~ GT~ by tota1 or partial reductions in the activity of production units; ': · to help the coal industry adjust to environmental protection standards. OJL 329,30.12.1993, p. 12. 2 In accordance with Article 8 of the Decision, the Member States had submitted to the Commission their plans to modernise, rationalise and restructure the coal industry .. Following notification of the plans the Commission had delivered opinions on their conformity with the general and specific objectives set by Articles 2, 3 and 4 of Decision No 3632/93/ECSC, and in particular the Decisions adopted on 13 December 19942 for German

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