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Jeanie de Vries, Michele Pineault and Lorelei Williams 'Butterflies in Spirit''

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Jeannie de Vries, Michele Pineault and Lorelei Williams all had family members who were murdered by Robert Pickton. They speak about what it was like to experience having a family member be lost and then murdered and how the pain never goes away. Jeannie shares how ambiguous she feels about losing her mom Sarah de Vries, because she looks so much like her, people always tell her so. Michele Pineault’s daughter Stephanie Lane was missing for a long time before the news came that she too was a victim of Pickton’s. Michele is struggling with a “grief that never goes away’” and tells us about what it has been like raising Stephanie’s son, after she was murdered. Lorelei Williams lost her cousin Tanya Holyck to Pickton and also has a cousin Belinda Williams who has been missing since 1979. Lorelei reveals it has become her mission to spread awareness about violence to aboriginal girls and women, and has formed a dance group called ‘Butterflies in Spirit,’ which performs at public events to raise awareness?

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