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Rozvoj pracovníků ve zvoleném podniku

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Personální řízení
  • Vzdělávání
  • Lidské Zdroje
  • Kurzy
  • školení
  • Rozvoj Pracovníků
  • Metody Vzdělávání
  • Studium
  • Jazykové Znalosti
  • Voják Z Povolání
  • Vojenský Profesionál
  • Kvalifikační Předpoklady
  • Kvalifikační Požadavky
  • Způsobilost
  • Personnal Administration
  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Courses
  • On-The-Job Training
  • Methods Of Education
  • Learning
  • Knowlege Of Language
  • Professional Of Military
  • Qualifying Preconditions And Requirements
  • Qualification
  • Education
  • Engineering


The aim of my thesis is the description and the evaluation of development, the education system and an extent of individual personal activity of soldiers in 15th engineer brigade. The diploma work is separated into theory and the practical part. The theoretical part includes a general viewpoint for company education and growth of staff members. The resources of the theoretical piece of knowledge were obtained by study of available literature which clarifies the aims, methods and meanings of that process. The structure and system of 15th engineer brigade is describe in the practical part of my thesis. The brigade is a part of the Czech military, and is responsible for entire engineer support for the Army. The practical part describes the system of education of military professionals. The main part is an evaluation of level and grade of the education system of soldiers in 15th engineer brigade and its subordinate units, what was gained by means of a guestionnaire poll. Moreover, the poll included a question of personal willingnes to selfeducate in the leisure time. New posibilities for improving of education system of soldiers were proposed on the basis of discovered deficiencies.

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