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Cuadernos de Arqueología Mediterránea
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CONCLUSIONS Tomb N 1 is the only family tomb found so far at the cremation site of the northern cemetery of Achzlv The tomb is an ashlar-built chamber room with a gabled roof containing dozens of burials accompanied by burial gifts and used for family burials during a span of 400 years from the 10th to rhe 6'" centurtes BCE Architecturally the tomb is a rnain llnk in the chatn of chamber tombs built of ashlar stones, of which the ear- llest are known from Ugarit from the MB and rhe latest from Puntc settlements dated to the 6"' - 5'" centuries BCE It displays characteristics of many years of ttaditional ashlar construction that reflect an especiallp htgh level of m orkmanship, and preserves tradittonal cultural elements, the most prominent of m hich is the feeding hole in the ceiling of the tomb The tomb jotns the tm o other ashlar toinbs found thus far in the southern cernetery of Achziv. which are the only tombs of this type found so far in Iron Age period Phoenicta Four main stratigraphtcal layeis were recognized m ithin the tomb Phase 1 Three inhumatton burials of indi1 iduals of a relatively high status placed along the tomb's walls (10'" -beginning of 9'" centuries BCE) Phase 2 A pit dug through the floor l e ~ el in rhe northeastern corner of the tomb with four secondary bu- rials and burial gifts (10'" - beginning of 9 ' l ' centuries BCE, n ith penetrations from Phase 3) Phnse 3 Ptles of burials and burial gifts that accumulated in the tomb during the many years of continuous usage (end of 9''' - 7'" centurles BCE) Phnse 4 The four last tnhumation butials in the tomb, three mere found along the southern and western malls of the tomb 2nd one was placed at its center (later part of 7t" - middle of 6"' centuries BCE) The tomb stands in sharp contrast to the site in which it is placed. a-hich m-as associated solely with the cre- mation cult and contained dozens of cremation burials. It was built before the site was converted for this use and it may be

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