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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Ruth Adams, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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- mc 3 yg@ BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS Board of Sponsors HANS A. Bnraa $~rn~;niversity Lm A. DUBRIDGB California Institute of Technology Vice-Chairman SAMUEL K. ALLISON University of Chicago ROBERT F. BACHBR California Institute of Technology D~TLBV W. BRONK Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research A. H. COMFTON Washington University E. U. CONDON Wa&iigton University FARRINGTON DANIELS University of Wisconsin ALBBRT EINSTEIN (1879-1955) JAMES FRANCK university of Chicago SAMIJEL A. GOUDSMIT Brookhaven National Laboratory THORFIN R. HOGNBSS University of Chicago p. WHEELER LOOMIS University of Illinois PHILIP M. MORSB Massachusetts Institute of Technology H .MULLBR Ind!ana University “A Magazine of SCIENCE AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS” 935 EAST 60TH STREET * CHICAGO 37 . ILLINOIS DORCHBSTBR 3-5225 EUGENE RABINOWITCH Editor November 26, 1952 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Biology Stanford University Palo Alto, California Dear Dr. Lederberg: The Bulletin invites you to attend its spring editorial conference. We arc organizing a small and very private meeting here at the Center for Continuing Education, University of Chicago, May 16-18. Some twenty scientists will be invited to meet and discuss with the Bulletin staff and its editorial board the direction and subject matter of the magazine for the coming year. The Bulletin has grown to a paid circulation of 27,OOO and it seems to us imperative to share with a representative group of American scien- tistsmme of the questions we have been asking ourselves: should the magazine continue to expand its coverage; should the title be changed to more accurately reflect the contents; what arc the important issues, political and scientific, that the magazine should be prepared to analyze. J. ROBBRT OPPBNHEIMER InstituteforAdv~cedStu~YThcsc 2nd many other quer;tion- a concern us and we hope for your advice LINUS PAULING California Institute of Technology

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