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Essay photo looked as a subjective of photos, there will make an unclear signs witched would be a differentness on giving meaning by each who saw the photos. Essay photo ?Rel Waktu? was born from a past memory of Edy Purnomo (as the photographer) that represented now a day. Edy Purnomo reconstruct the now a day reality to get back the past of Edy Purnomo. This essay was published November 25th 2005 in Gallery ANTARA. This exhibition created a different perspective, not only a past memory of Edy Purnomo. This aspect reflect my attraction to made a research about photos as a visual media communication to process signs in capturing represented meaning in a visual. Represented means a process of reality by a shape of communication, such as words, rings, images, or the combinations of those. Represented really close with the way of ?reality construction? which have a lot influences of photographer motivation and background. In this case, photo made a communication through processing signs in visual by shaping an image that recorded from the reality. Sintagmatis have a great influence in made a sign simplify in a photo. The way is finding represented signs. To understanding a sign, researcher use semiotics method. In this research, researcher use semiotics approach with interpretative type. This approach is used to interpret ate signs in photos and help researcher to answer every detail of problem deeply. Researcher use Roland Barthes?s semiotics methods to break down the meaning become denotative and connotative. From the collected data, researcher made a conclusion that essay photo Rel Waktu gives different colors in Indonesian photographic journey which have lost genre because of beauty habit (like a Dutch Moi Indie behavior). Rel Waktu isn?t only about a past memory of Edy Purnomo, it also represented a social problems in low class people that never been done properly until now a day. Low class people condition represented by a violence culture and anomie that really have a negative behavior effect to the low class peoples. In other side, there was a crash conflict between each society that made low class people condition become worse.Foto essai dipandang sebagai karya foto yang subyektif, dimana akan melahirkan tanda-tanda yang bias sehingga menimbulkan pemaknaan yang berbeda-beda bagi para penikmat foto yang satu dengan yang lainnya. Karya foto essai Rel Waktu lahir dari sebuahKeyword : Representasi; Karya foto essaiLink terkait :

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