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Greindarpróf Ravens (SPM) : viðmið fyrir íslensk börn á skólaaldri og réttmætisathugun

Sálfræðingafélag Íslands
Publication Date
  • Greindarpróf
  • Börn
  • MæLitæKi
  • Mathematics


Ravens Progressive Matrices have been one of the most popular tests of the g-factor of intelligence for decades. Icelandic norms have until now not been available. The present article reports norms for the Standard Progressive Matrices for Icelandic school age children aged 6-16 years. The aim was to have a standardization of 600 children. The final sample numbers 550 children. The norms show increasing scores with age as excepted though a ceiling effect is noticeable in the upper grades. The article also details correlations of the Ravens Matrices with the Icelandic National examinations from the 4th, 7th and 10th grade. The correlation is highest for mathematics (about 0.7) but lower for the language subjects. These correlations testify to the criterion related validity of the Matrices.

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