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Invandrare – att anställa eller inte anställa? En studie kring arbetsgivares perspektiv

Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan
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  • Immigrants
  • Tönnies.
  • Bourdieu
  • Employers
  • Employment
  • Social Sciences
  • Economics


The purpose of this essay was to examine what attitude employers have towards hiring outnordic immigrants. In order to achieve this purpose, seven employers in various branches were interviewed, regarding their way of reasoning on the matter of engaging manpower with a foreign origin. These are all situated in Helsingborg, a fairly big city in Sweden. A qualitative method was used with semi structured interviews since this method held a possibility to cover different aspects on the subject from the employers’ point of view. Is it a myth that employers are reluctant to hire people from other countries? Which are the factors that affect the possibilities for a non Swedish person to get an employment in Helsingborg? The result of the interviews was surprisingly enough contradictive to the general picture on the matter that is found in various media of society and from research on the subject. A positive attitude towards employing immigrants was found among the respondents. Although the result at first sight seems to collide, a different picture emerges while looking closer at the context, as is discussed in the last chapter of this paper.

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