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The Process of Accurate Personality Judgment-Chapter 5

DOI: 10.1016/b978-012269930-6/50006-x
  • Psychology


Publisher Summary This chapter explains the process of accurate personality judgment. Accurate personality judgment is the result of events that occur in the interpersonal world as well as within the mind of each judge. Therefore, the psychological process of accurate judgment is as much social as it is cognitive. The process begins with the person who is judged or who expresses or gives off information about his or her personality into the social environment. This information must be picked up and used correctly by a social perceiver. If all goes well, the social perceiver successfully renders a judgment of the target person's personality that matches one or more of his or her actual attributes. The theoretical analysis of the process of personality judgment that is presented in the chapter is called the Realistic Accuracy Model. The most characteristic aspect of the model is its focus on accurate personality judgment. It provides some order to the field of research on judgmental accuracy by providing a relatively simple process model that can organize and account for the many different variables affecting accuracy. It also suggests new moderator variables that have not yet been tested, and thereby provides a framework for the next generation of research.

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