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pjm5375.tmp Empty backhaul miles per trip represent 35 percent of the average fronthaul mileage of Florida FF&V truckers. There appears to be adequate exempt and nonexempt commodities coming into Florida to reduce this percent- age; however, government regulation, lack of information concerning the locations of backhauls, the cost of finding a backhaul, and the opportunity cost of using specialized equipment to haul general freight have kept this from happening. The cost of an empty backhaul mile represents 3.7 percent of the total roundtrip FF&V transportation bill and .65 percent of the retail value of an average truckload of Florida FF&V. Thus, if deregulation and better communications on the locations of backhauls does decrease empty backhaul mileage, the implica- tion is that the consumer.will not experience a large decrease in the retail price of Florida fresh fruits and vegetables. *********** THE DEVELOPMENTOFAN AGRIBUSINESSMANAGEMENTSI?’IULATION FOR CLASSROOIIAND STOREMANAGEMENTTRAINING by Dr. Angelo E. DiAntonio University of Baltimore and Mr. Michael A. Hudson Dr. Ulrich C. Toensmeyer University of Introduction The University of Delaware has given financial support for this re- search project entitled, “SWAG,” designed to improve classroom instruc- tion of Agribusiness courses and Agri- business training programs. Simula- tions are an instructional technique in which decisions are made at various stages. The game model interacts between the simulated environment and decisions of participants. Results are fed back to the students after which they may make another set of decisions and the cycle is repeated. Games developed for management simulation make a valuable contribution to the development of decision-making skills which are not dependent upon Delawa-e practice in a realistic environment. A game designed for practice of these skills as applied to the agribusiness industry compliments students’ learn- ing. Objectives 1. To provide an application of

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