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Performance of Doubly-Fed Wind Power Generators During Voltage Dips

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  • Grid Requirements
  • Reactive Power Consumption
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Voltage Dips (Sags)
  • Wind Energy


The growing of wind generation in Spain has forced its Transmission System Operator (TSO) to release new requirements that establish the amount of reactive power that a wind turbine has to supply to the grid during a voltage dip. Wind turbines equipped with doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) can regulate easily the reactive power generated in steady state. However, difficulties appear when reactive power has to be generated during voltage dips. Simulations have been carried out in order to check whether DFIG wind turbines can fulfill the reactive power requirements. Protection system commonly employed with DFIG in order to achieve ride-through capabilities including crowbar plays an important role to meet the requirements together with grid-side converter. Resistance associated with the crowbar and its connection duration are crucial at the beginning of the fault. Grid-side converter acting as STATCOM helps to improve the voltage profile sufficiently to permit rotor-side converter reconnection.

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