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Стратегії маркетингу та позиціонування вищого навчального закладу в соціальних мережах

Publication Date
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Monitoring The Positioning Effectiveness
  • Онлайн маркетинг
  • социальные сети
  • стратегии позиционирования
  • мониторинг эффективности позиционирования
  • Онлайн маркетинг
  • соціальні мережі
  • стратегії позиціонування
  • моніторинг ефективності позиціонування
  • УДК 004.9
  • Communication


Online communities are valuable for university in terms of marketing in two major aspects: as a communication medium with the outside world and as an information source about the object of marketing, users’ reactions, the competitors’ activity and other features.Nowadays many different online communities exist in the World Wide Web. It is well known that online marketing cannot be maintained in all or even in a large part of them. Therefore, an important task that precedes the active online marketing actions is to define multiple communities, in which marketing actions will be carried out. Definition of communities is based on the analysis of their content, especially on discussions in the community and community’s rankings.In this paper a new method for university positioning via social networks is proposed, strategies for online marketing are discussed and options for using these strategies in the process of positioning the university are proposed, certain basic principles of university positioning in social networks are set. The peculiarities of implementation of positioning strategies of the two most popular in Ukraine social networks are compared, and stages of positioning are defined. The means to increase trust rate to the official pages and groups among social networks users re proposed. The main stages for monitoring the effectiveness of methods and means for positioning are defined

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