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Spectroradiometric calibration of the dedicated LIBS spectrometer for space research application

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Book of Abstracts 183 P_074 Spectroradiometric calibration of the dedicated LIBS spectrometer for space research application S. G. Pavlov 1* , A. Demidov 2 , R. Preusker 1 , I. B. Gornushkin 2 , H.-W. Hübers 1,3 1) Department of Experimental Planetary Physics, Institute of Planetary Research, German Aerospace Center, Berlin, Germany 2) BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany 3) Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany *corresponding author, German Aerospace Center, Berlin, Germany, [email protected], tel. +49 30 67055594, fax. +49 30 67055507 2012 has opened the space era for the atomic emission spectroscopy of laser-induced plasmas with the ChemCam microimager & LIBS instrument on board of the NASA’s Mars Space Laboratory Rover Curiosity. The development of LIBS-based instruments for in-situ robotic exploration of solar system bodies, including originally proposed to the ESA`s Exomars mission combined LIBS-Raman instrument, has triggered investigation of feasibility of LIBS science at specific conditions on inner and outer planets, moons and asteroids. While simulation of planetary conditions is achievable world-wide in research laboratories, only a few prototype LIBS instruments, specially designed for specific space missions will be available. In order to study the influence of extraterrestrial conditions on operation of LIBS spectrometers as well as for building dedicated data bases, it is important to transfer measurement results obtained by laboratory available LIBS spectrometers into those expected for operation of a flight LIBS instrument. This goal can be achieved by absolute radiometric calibration of spectrometers including their spectral response to calibration optical sources. We report the results of spectroradiometric calibration of the commercial LIBS spectrometer Aryelle Batterfly from Lasertechni

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