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The role of staff information in the Commission's new information and communication strategy. Draft communication from Commissioner João de Deus Pinheiro

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• • \ ... , . :,. '.' . 21 January 1994 THE ROLE OF STAFF INFORMATION IN THE COMMISSION'S NEW INFORMATION AND L_ COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Draft Communication from Commissioner Joao de Deus Pinheiro ' ' . I. : ... collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box Summary and Proposed Decision The citizen's perception of the Commission is closely linked to his/her image of the European public service. The Commission is therefore asked to incorporate staff information in its new information and communication strategy and to endorse the steps outlined in this document to develop it into a dynamic management tool. These include in particular : - the need for the Commission as a college to communicate regularly and directly to staff its broad goals and strategies; -the holding of a meeting, at least once a year, between Commissioners and senior staff to define for personnel the Commission's position on major topical issues; - the importance of providing simplified versions of official administrative and staff notices; - the development in-house of new · electronic means of communication - in individual offices via existing networks, and via the installation of television monitors in those parts of office buildings where staff congregate; - the development, through appropriate training programmes, of communications skills at all senior staff levels; - the intensifying of cooperation with other EC bodies in providing staff information. In this way, the Commission will help ensure that staff remain motivated, and trained to become more information-minded and service-oriented. - 1 - I I THE ROLE OF STAFF INFORMATION IN THE COMMISSION'S NEW INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGY 1. INTRODUCTION The Commission's decision of 30 June 1993 on a new approach to its information and communication policy made specific mention of the important role to be played by staff in ensuring its success. There is a need for staff to be well-informed them

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