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An integrated life cycle costing database: System proposal and methodology

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Microsoft Word - page 1-2.doc 134 An Integrated Life Cycle Costing Database: System Proposal and Methodology G. Aouad1, D. Amaratunga1, N. Bakis1, M. Sun,1, M. Kishk2, A. Al-Hajj2 and R. Pollock2 1Research Centre for the Built and Human Environment, School of Construction and Property Management, University of Salford, UK. 2School of Construction, Property and Surveying, The Robert Gordon University, UK. Abstract Life Cycle Costing (LCC) techniques are being used across a wide range of projects across different industries and have attracted considerable attention. However, LCC techniques are not widely used within the construction industry because of problems associated with LCC related processes such as data capture, reliability and certainty. Recent technological developments will undoubtedly help in resolving some of the above problems associated with LCC techniques. Salford University together With Robert Gordon University have commenced a research project, which looks into the development of innovative systems that facilitates the implementation of LCC in various design and occupancy stages. To this effect, this paper outlines the research methodology associated with the development process of an integrated LCC database, data capturing mechanisms and associated limitations with the development process. The proposed system on which this papeis based, attempts to overcome some of the limitations associated with the use of LCC and tries to develop mechanisms which will allow the user within a VR environment to navigate inside a building retrieving all information about the building components. By creating such systems, it tries to provide opportunities to take maximum advantage of using LCC techniques and related information through out the building life cycle. This proposed system will allow LCC data to be updated continuously and thus can be used as and “asset register”. Life Cycle Costing? What does it mean? With occupancy costs

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