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Development and application of simulation courseware for teaching microscope

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 시뮬레이션
  • Simulation
  • 코스웨어
  • Courseware
  • 현미경
  • Microscope
  • 관찰평가
  • Observation Evaluation
  • 지필평가
  • A Paper And Pencil Test
  • 조리개
  • Diaphragm
  • 반사경
  • Mirror
  • 미동나사
  • Fine Adjustment Knob
  • Biology
  • Education


Microscope is the most fundamental implement in biology education. but students handle microscope poorly. This is partly due to the lack of experience and partly due to the lack about knowledges of functions of each component parts of the microscope. In this study, I developed the simulation courseware for learning microscope with Macromedia Authoware 7.01. By applying to the class, I examined the usefulness of the developed courseware in the class and got opinions of teachers and students. The courseware consisted of 'common knowledge of microscope', 'structure of microscope', 'using microscope', and 'assessment'. In the structure of microscope, students can study terms and functions of microscope. In the using a microscope, students can develop their observation skills and explore the way microscopes work to magnify images. To testify the usefulness of the developed courseware, one group pretest-posttest was used. 41 first grade middle school girl-students were selected. In a paper and pencil test, mean was increased from 4.7(pretest) to 9.0(posttest) of eleven matters. In the observation evaluation, opening the diaphragm completely and setting the mirror(flat surface) at an angle to adjust of light students was increased from 8(pretest) to 34(posttest). Using the fine adjustment knob to refocus on the specimen students was increased from 7(pretest) to 36(posttest). Analyzing the response of 30 biology teachers and 41 students who used the developed courseware, we found that 95.1% of the students wanted to use the developed courseware for learning microscope, 83.3% of the teachers were willing to use it for their instruction, 90% of the teachers answered developed courseware was helpful for developing observation skills and learning a term and function of microscope. In conclusion, the developed simulational courseware was useful and helpful for students learning microscope. * Note: The text abov

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