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Comparison of Tc-99m-GSA scintigraphy with hepatic fibrosis and regeneration in patients, with hepatectomy

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Geology Mineralogy fields Okayama University Year 2000 Native gold from Mikawa mine, Niigata Prefecture, Japan Junji Yamakawa Dr. ∗ Mitsuo Tanabe† Kazumasa Shimada‡ Chiyoko Henmi∗∗ ∗Okayama University, [email protected] †Okayama Mineral and Fossil club ‡Okayama Mineral and Fossil club ∗∗Okayama University This paper is posted at [email protected] : Okayama University Digital Information Repository. I. ? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ?????????????????(???)?? ??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ??????? II. ????? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ????Vein????????????????? ??????????????????????? ??????????????5,000 m ? 1,000 m ? 8,000 m?????????Cu, Zn???Ag???? ??????????(Sato, 1980)? III. ?? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????? *1 ??????????????700-8530 ??????3??1-1? Department of Earth Science, Faculty of Science, Okayama University, Okayama 700-8530, Japan. *2 ???????????700-0944 ?????260? Okayama Mineral and Fossil club, Izumida 260, Okayama City, Okayama 700-0944, Japan. Native gold was found at Mikawa mine, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The mineral was associated with quartz in a druse within quartz-vein in propyrite. The crystals were formed in filiform, reticulated and dendritic shapes with about 1 mm length with 0.1 mm width and 0.05 mm thickness. Very malleable and ductile, opaque and yellow with metallic luster. Qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses were performed by the wavelength dispersive EPMA. Quantitatively, the crystals contained Au, Ag and Hg. Semi-quantitative analyses were executed with ZAF correction algorithm. The results showed that these specimens had a average chemical composition Au0.77Ag0.11Hg0.12. This specimen was archived at our site with a collection number ESO-M01001. Keywords: Nativ

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